Maineli Brand

maineli il marchio


The brand MAINELI was launched in 2011 with the intent to propose jewels, specifically bracelets for ladies, as a fashion accessory in a contemporary style.

The whole collection is inspired and characterized by the development and the creative transformation of traditional and a-typical materials, i.e. leather, colt, crocodile, steel, brass and square parts in stainless steel, all in unusual combinations able to give new life to each component, thus conferring uniqueness to each single work.

The pieces of the collection follow basic lines completely different from what is considered classic. They add curious details to the final product that embraces the simple things and aims to creativity and to class in an amazing way, without forgetting the importance of traditions.

Research emerges strongly in fact and can be found in the combination of the elements, in the authenticity and the refinement of the result, that presents itself declined in a choice of models.

The entire collection is a genuine Made in Italy, that distinguishes itself thanks to a high level of handicraft. Some of the models are entirely handmade.

The collection conveys an emancipated taste, sensual, of a strong character, but also full of class. The attention for details and finishing is evident, along with the capacity to perceive and interpret more than one stylistic trend.